18 December 2018 / Milan, Italy
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18 December 2018
Milan, Italy

What is EUSALP?

The EU Alpine Macroregional Strategy - EUSALP is one of the four European Macroregional Strategy launched by European Commission.

The Alpine Macroregion includes 7 Countries, of which 5 EU Member States (Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia) and 2 non-EU countries (Liechtenstein and Switzerland), and 48 Regions.

EUSALP Regions generates 83.000 mln € R&D expenditure,  1/4 of the whole EU R&D and 3.000.000 mln € GDP.

The Alpine Macroregion will  be a space to attract intelligence and innovation: ideas, capital, people to generate development.


Alpine Macroregion represents the largest economic and productive hub in Europe whose metropolitan areas and cities are key places for world competition.

The Alpine Macro-Region, by promoting greater technological and productive integration will build a true intelligent, thinking and interconnected industry. It is a unique territory is facing major challenges, such as: economic globalisation, demographic trendsclimate change, energy challenge.

EUSALP productive systems is charatcterized the growing importance of global value chain: network of enterprises, suppliers and customers, competence centre, University and productive cluster allowing enterprises to stay competitive on international markets.

An Alpine macro-regional strategy would provide an opportunity to improve cross-border cooperation in the Alpine States as well as identifying common goals and implementing them more effectively through transnational collaboration. Better cooperation between the regions and States is needed to tackle those challenges.

The Regional Representations of Confindustria System involved in EUSALP and the Associations representing the strategic sectors identified in the Strategy, have drafted the Manifesto for Competitiveness and Innovation in Alpine Macroregion , with the aim of presenting future scenarios and actions for the development of competitiveness and innovation of the industrial sector in the European Strategy for the Alpine Macro-Region.

To read the Manifesto click here .

Want to know more on EUSALP? Go on website https://www.alpine-region.eu


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